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SEO Services

Make your presence know through SEO. 

SEO is a strategy that can help support your marketing, and overall business strategy. 

Here are some interesting facts indicating why SEO is a vital part of your business success:

  • 46% Of people search for local business or services on Google and pursue these businesses. If your business does not show up on Google's first page, your business will most likely loose the sale. 

  • 25% Of small, local businesses do not have the correct structure on their websites. Without a level one heading, your business will most likely miss out on the sale. 

  • 76% Of potential consumers use their smartphones to search for local businesses and services on the go. If your business does not have a mobile friendly site, potential consumers walk away.

  • 28% Of successful searches of local products and services result in sales. 

(Source: https://backlinko.com/seo-stats#search-engine-trends)

Promote your business through SEO and get noticed!

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